2013 Annual Report

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Letter From the Co-Founders

At Guiding Lights, we are well aware of how quickly the number of people impacted by illness is growing, and how many of them need help to cope and manage their care. A few facts are sufficient to convey the scope of the need:

Did you know that one in four adults in North Carolina - over 800,000 people - currently require caregiving support to help them get to healthcare appointments and follow through with treatment plans, as well as to assist them with personal care, meal preparation, and everyday household activities?

Did you know that more than 75% of caregiving support is provided in the home - most of it by family members and friends - and that one in five North Carolina adults are providing that support on a regular basis?

As these numbers show, caregiving has already become a familiar part of life for many families, and providing care will impact even more people in the coming years. In fifteen years, over two million North Carolinians will be seniors, and the vast majority of them will need caregiving help at some point!

At Guiding Lights we know the heartfelt dedication of family members and friends who help loved ones when they develop serious illness. We also know it's not easy to keep on giving, day in and day out, and that questions arise that do not have obvious answers. That's why we founded Guiding Lights Caregiver Support Center - to provide caregivers with information, skills, and support so that they can provide the best care, with confidence and as little stress as possible. Our aim is to equip caregivers with knowledge and tools that fit their individual situations, to help them solve problems as they arise, to anticipate future needs before a crisis arises, and to support them wherever they are on the caregiving journey. Most of our services are for family caregivers, but we also help professional caregivers - strengthening the workforce by providing specialized training in the care of older adults, especially those with dementia.

Guiding Lights strives to be accessible to caregivers, by offering services by telephone, in person at our offices, online, as well as in the community through the radio and public events. Wherever caregivers find us, we try to affirm the importance of the care they provide and respond to whatever needs, questions, and problems they present. We hope you will enjoy learning more about Guiding Lights from our Third Annual Report, and we invite you to get in touch with us, provide feedback, make suggestions, request assistance, or help support the organization. We welcome your participation and involvement.

From the Co-Founders of Guiding Lights -- Nicole M. Bruno, Executive Director, and Julie Falconer, Director of Programs.


2013 Annual Report