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Vetted Vendors

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Guiding Lights matches caregivers with resources and services that will support them in their caregiving journey.

Vetted Vendors are our first source for referrals provided to our caregivers seeking assistance. If you would like to apply to become a Vetted Vendor with us, you must be an organization of excellence and have been in business for at least one year.  

Guiding Lights employs a robust process to vet providers serving the aging community: first, providers apply online with information about their services, fees and payment methods, number of years in business, annual rate of employee turnover, and a minimum of 10 ways they are different from organizations providing the same service. Upon submission of this application, a Guiding Lights referral specialist meets with the organization and also reviews results of publicly available audits to further assess the organization's ability to serve the aging population.

To apply please complete the application below. Following receipt of your application all applicants are screened to ensure that they will match well with our caregivers needs. It is important that you be as specific as possible in providing your differentiators and fees which will help us to make the best referral possible to our caregivers. The final step is a face to face interview with our Referral Specialist.

Information and Referral